Why Blue Spring

Together from Day One

Our industry insight and passion for entrepreneurs have helped drive growth and ensure long-term sustainability for partner firms.

Bluespring Wealth Partners was integral in helping our firm identify and recruit a successor who was the right cultural fit for both me and my clients.

This strategic recruitment and subsequent planning sessions with Bluespring Wealth have led to a successful merger of businesses which has resulted in both massive growth and very positive feedback from our clients. Additionally, having my successor actively involved in the Bluespring Wealth Successor Academy Program has eased my mind knowing that I am no longer.

Mark Rudelson,


As a Bluespring Wealth Partner firm, we worked in a collaborative fashion to develop a succession plan that allowed for the continuation of my business, including our long serving staff members, while providing complete autonomy to operate our business as a subsidiary. Our jointly designed business plan laid out a path that will allow the right amount of time and investment to groom my internal, hand-picked successor through the unique educational and training structure of the G1-G2 Academy. This facilitated a collaborative approach for leading our firm forward. It is a win-win partnership for everyone involved and a very thoughtful approach, which is unique in our industry.

I'm thrilled to be a part of Bluespring Wealth!

Tom Paron,

Compass Capital Management

Bluespring has worked closely with me to build out a business and marketing plan that will help us make many more sub acquisitions within our region, as we want to keep growing both organically and externally.

With Bluespring’s capital, experience and expertise, combined with my market knowledge and reputation, we are well positioned for continued exponential growth in every way.

Steve Engro,

Beacon Financial Group

I partnered with Bluespring Wealth Partners as I wanted my team to free up their time so they could focus on client relationships and the growth of our business.

With Bluespring Wealth taking over back-office tasks like payroll, benefits, and bookkeeping, we were able to operate with much greater efficiency.

Additionally, Bluespring Wealth has helped us redo our website and build out a social media plan that will better service our clients and allow us to use the internet to generate more credibility and leads in the marketplace. Ultimately this will result in much more rapid business expansion which will help us optimize our long term earn out.

Dan LaScoezec,

Hickory Asset Management

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