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Bluespring Wealth Partners Acquires $500+ Million Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling

by Stuart Silverman
December 08, 2020

California-based firm slated to be a key hub for continued expansion on the West Coast for Bluespring Wealth Partners.

by Stuart Silverman
AUSTIN, Texas--Bluespring Wealth Partners, LLC, which focuses exclusively on acquiring best-in-class wealth management firms, today announced the acquisition of Bedell Frazier Investment Counselling, LLC (Bedell Frazier).

Bedell Frazier is a high-growth, fee-only registered investment adviser (RIA) with over $500 million in assets under management. The firm is led by a dynamic young leadership team with over 55 years of combined industry experience, including President and CEO, Mike Frazier, Chief Operating Officer, Meredith Rosen and Chief Investment officer, Mike Harris.

Bluespring Wealth Partners’ investment in Bedell Frazier will provide the team with both access to capital and deep industry know-how to fuel growth and continued innovation in client service. Bedell Frazier’s team will leverage Bluespring Wealth Partners’ back-office support and operational insights to afford its leaders more time with their valued clients.

“Integrity, values and culture are everything to our firm. Bluespring Wealth Partners shares those same characteristics, which made it clear that this partnership would help catapult Bedell Frazier to the next phase of our professional existence,” said Frazier. “This acquisition by Bluespring Wealth Partners is another major milestone for the company.”

An early adopter of the RIA fiduciary model and a standout for its female leadership, the firm traces its roots to an industry pioneer, Jude Bedell. Today, the firm continues to offer comprehensive and customized financial planning and investment management services designed to meet its clients’ best interests.

“Many of our clients have been with us for over a decade, some for three generations,” said Rosen. “We are committed to our clients. Our partnership with Bluespring Wealth Partners ensures the longevity of our firm for us and for our clients for years to come.”

Based in Walnut Creek, CA, Bedell Frazier is expected to serve as a hub in the Northern California marketplace, around which Bluespring Wealth Partners will continue to grow through thoughtful investments in the region.

“Client satisfaction will always be the top priority for Bedell Frazier,” said Stuart Silverman, President of Bluespring Wealth Partners. “As part of this newfound partnership, our job is to help elevate Bedell Frazier’s platform and secure its legacy so that the team can continue to provide exceptional, personalized client service for generations to come.”

David Selig of Advice Dynamics Partners served as an advisor to Bedell Frazier for the transaction.

About Bluespring Wealth Partners, LLC

Through streamlined and unique succession strategies, Bluespring Wealth Partners is dedicated to the acquisition and servicing of wealth management firms seeking continuity for clients and the business they have built. Bluespring Wealth Partners was established with the express purpose of helping entrepreneurs take their business to the next level of growth through successor identification and training, flexible ownership arrangements, and institutional-level capital support.

By focusing on partnership as the driver of success, Bluespring Wealth Partners helps business owners ensure a lasting legacy while preserving the core values on which their firms were built.

Bluespring Wealth Partners is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kestra Financial, Inc.

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